Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello World, (and Grandpa in particular, because I am not sure anyone else looks at this anymore)

Not too much is new with me right now, still working hard and feeling like I'm not getting ahead like I want to. I am teaching at the University again starting in September and have got a class for both semesters, so I am really excited about that, as it's what I really want to do. I keep looking for the best way to do a PhD, but I just haven't found the right path yet. I want to do research in something that is meaningful and important to me and I don't want to take on anymore debt- once I conquer these obstacles it will be smooth sailing.. maybe!

Recently I have been considering getting involved in a franchise, more particularly investing in a Chatters franchise. I'm really thinking this is the best way to get started in owning and operating a business, with the support that is offered and the marketing and research pretty much taken care of, I can focus on the operations and hopefully the profits will follow. Although of course this involves taking on a small business loan, but I see that turning around a lot faster than the investment in my education will.

Things with Louis are really great, sometimes I am surprised at how well we fit together, making silly jokes and laughing all day! He really helps me to relax and not get sooo stressed out and I think that I help him push forward a bit and try to reach his goals.. seems like a fantastic balance to me!

Oh, we got a puppy around Easter time, a yellow lab who we called Jessie! She is really the greatest thing for us, although we argue from time to time about how to care for her, I suppose that is normal! Having her around has definitely made me get out and get more exercise as well, something I was in desperate need of after a year of sitting on my butt in Waterloo! She is such a well behaved dog, a little too much puppy energy sometimes, but that is to be expected!

Last weekend I turned the big 2-5, I must say it wasn't as monumental as it sounded- being my Royal Birthday and all! I had a great time hanging out with some good friends though and thats what really counts. I think I am coming down with a bit of a cold though now, probably from a lack of sleep...

This weekend we are heading out to Elbow, SK to go camping with the family and friends we used to camp with all the time when we were young. I am pretty excited, it will be nice to relax and catch up. We have the week off after that and will be sticking around the farm, maybe heading to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and the Ex in Saskatoon before venturing back to Edmonton.

Hope everything is well in the blogging world, as I don't frequent it as much as I once did...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am assuming since I haven't made an update in well over a year, nobody is checking this anymore! However, for the sake of letting the cyberworld know that I am alive and well, I thought I would do an update!

So I finished my MBET degree and am now working back in Edmonton as a.. wait for it.. it's a fabulous title.. Business Intelligence Database Analyst.. great right?!?

Investigating the possibility of doing my PhD in the near future, as I had a chance to teach a class at Augustana last semester (and will likely teach the same one again this coming fall), and loved teaching!!

Other than that, just trying to get used to this regular work schedule thing. It's funny, but after school (and working in between going to school), I never thought the hardest part would be getting used to the schedule. But school is much more flexible.. I like flexible!

So I will try and put up an update more often, but no promises! Hope anyone who reads this is healthy and happy!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

MBET and Waterloo

Oh my faithful readers- I know it's been long again, maybe some people are still checking this though, so here is the latest update! I made it out to Waterloo at the end of August and since I have settled in quite well. The city is really spread out and I haven't really seen that much of it, but the University is fairly close and the bus schedule isn't so bad, so things are going well! I live in a very nicely renovated townhouse with two other graduate students from the other university in town- Wilfred Laurier. The girls are great, Anna is studying Sociology and Tiffany Public Policy- we are just different enough that we get along great!

MBET has been pretty good so far, it's not exactly what I expected, but then I don't really know what I was expecting. It's very focused on the Entrepreneurship part and our courses are set up in such a way that we can go through the whole process. We have had lots of chances to network and hear some amazing speakers, it's really forcing me to start getting out and meeting people. The class is divided into two sections for most of the time but all the people are great, and we do spend time outside of school getting together and having a good time.

The weather here has been so good to us, I have never seen an October so warm- and I'm loving it- apparently the winters don't get too cold here either (well compared to the great prairies), so I guess time will tell.

Ro came out to visit me a few weeks ago and we had a good time, headed into Toronto for one night and stayed at the Sheraton downtown- it was a blast and so nice to spend time with her, as it's hard when you are first getting to know new people and they don't really know the real you.

Over Thanksgiving, my third Thanksgiving away from home now, I headed to Ottawa with Tiffany. I was really impressed with the city, it was beautiful and seemed to have a calm to it. I went out with Patrick a couple nights and had a blast as well, it was just an overall relaxing, fun weekend. Tiffany's mom made a wonderful dinner for us and it was nice to be in a family setting- even if it wasn't my own!

Right now, I'm spending most of my time in school, but also relaxing at home and trying to enjoy the time as much as possible as I know it's going to go fast. I am heading to Edmonton on December 14th for Christmas break and then from there I will head down to Kyle for probably a week around Christmas and New Years Eve is currently wide open. I am really excited to come home for a break and can't wait to see everyone!! I miss you all! Hope life is being good to you, and I will try to update again soon, with pictures as well!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer's Ending...

Well, I'm glad to say the last couple weeks have been pretty uneventful!! I officially fly out of Edmonton next Thursday evening and will head to Sask for a day, then it's off to Ontario, driving out with my Mom and Jill. I am super excited to get back into school and even more excited to graduate and get an amazing job! :-) I have a place to live and everything arranged, so hopefully when I get there I can settle in quickly and get into the swing of school again. Been spending the last little while trying to catch up some friends before leaving, had an EXCELLENT weekend with Ro and Christine, checked out the Ne-Yo concert, WOW, it was so awesome, after the 2 hours standing and waiting! Took in a couple of the festivals around Edmonton, Heritage Days, Cariwest. This weekend I'm thinking of having a low-key farewell of sorts, no definate plans yet, but if you aren't too busy on Saturday please give me a call!

Other than that not much else new, been finding it interesting not having a vehicle, didn't realize how much I relied on that, but it's a good way to start adjusting now, as it's a year without one!

Thought I'd add some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Last minute trip home to SK..

Ne-Yo concert and the after party!!

Birthday Fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

So Much For Relaxing Holidays

Well, I started my birthday off well, had a good night got to see tons of people and all in all brought in 23 with a bang. Then, Thursday started. Found out on Thursday that we had to be out of our place by Tuesday (some issues with the subletting contract I guess) and so begins my mad scramble. So, Friday we were able to find a place and Saturday we luckily were allowed to move in, so in the scorching heat we packed up, moved and began unpacking a house, and took in Capital Ex to end the day. Sunday was alright, still getting organized and a bit of chaos cleaning up the old place, etc, so I decided on Monday I would take one more day off, just to get things sorted out and actually rest a bit.

What was I thinking? Mom called to tell me that she couldn't renew my license (still in Saskatchewan) because it had been flagged, so I called SGI and got it sorted out, and by sorted it I mean they confirmed that I could renew my license if I personally went to Saskatchewan to do it, and also that they would honour my insurance on my vehicles until midnight on Tuesday (the 31st) in order for me to get them back across the border.

So, no work for the next two days, oh, and one car that doesn't start. So we get the Nova towed late on Monday night, luckily borrowing someone's CAA so that we didn't have to pay for it and Tuesday morning I wake up early and head over to the shop. I talk to the guy and tell him I just need it to start and get me home, nothing fancy and as cheap as possible, all by 4pm.. please, please, please. He tells me he will try. So I leave to run some errands for the day, rent a car to be able to get back from Saskatchewan (and located 2 more drivers), and a few other miscellaneous things. Pick Erick up from work at 2:30pm and head back to the shop to see how he is making out (considering I haven't heard from him all day). We get there and he makes a one phone call and informs us that it's hard to find the part because the car is so old, blah, blah (he even specifically says you can't just find it at Canadian Tire). At this point I'm certain he hasn't even made a call until that moment when I am standing there...GRRR! So we head to a locksmith to see if they can make a new key (maybe it will be an easy fix).. turns out the guy finds a part in the meantime but waits until we get back and the new key fails. So he says it's now too late to get the part in, but if we can get to a Canadian Tire and pick it up he will stay and do it...umm.. CANADIAN TIRE??? I thought we couldn't get one there?!! Idiot. Anyway, so we get the part and he finally gets it installed and the car starts perfectly, THANK GOD!

By this time it's 6:30pm and we were planning to leave around 4-- we head home to pack our stuff and get ready, by the time we head out of the city it's 9pm. Get to Provost around midnight and decide it's better if we take a nap because we are getting a little sleepy on the road. Finally after all is said and done we arrive at home in Saskatchewan at 7:30am Wednesday morning. What a LONG day/night. So we sleep for a few hours, wake up and deal with renewing my license and cancelling my plates, make a quick trip down to the river, home for supper and then back on the road again around 7pm (less than 12 hours after arriving). We arrived back in Edmonton around 1am and now here I am at work, dead tired, flat broke and walking on egg shells hoping that is the end of my bad karma...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still Heading to Waterloo...

Hey All! I guess I best keep posting to keep my faithful readers coming back (considering the time between some posts..)! So, I have made a decision even before waiting to hear more from the graduate office at U of A and scholarships. I am still going to head off to Waterloo for the MBET. I have decided (and THANK YOU all for the words of advice) that if I don't take this opportunity right now I may very well not get the chance again in the future and would regret it, and we don't want that!

I went ahead and found a place in Waterloo which I am really excited for, I have an awesome landlady who is already doing everything to try and accommodate me from here, and I will be living with two other female graduate students, so I think it's going to be an awesome time! I also took out another student loan from the bank because the government one was not going to completely cover my expenses (for example they are giving me $550/month and my rent alone is $425). They say that education is good debt, so let's hope that it really pays off!

Nothing else is really new with me, this week is my "holiday" for the summer, I am off on Thursday and Friday (anyone guess why I chose those days?!) and really looking forward to taking a break and relaxing, hanging out with good friends and family. I am done work officially on August 24th (although might take that day off, or just work a half day..) and heading home to Saskatchewan for the big road trip out to Waterloo on the 25th (yup, we are going to drive!).

All in all, I went back and forth a bit, but I am now getting super excited and can't wait to be standing on a stage in a year graduating with my Masters' degree! :-D

Hope everyone is doing well (and those in Edmonton are checking out all the summer events..)!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What To Do?

Look at all the updates now!! Lol. Anyway, I have a bit of a dilemma and am wondering if anyone has any advice or words of wisdom. I recently got in contact with the Computing Science Graduate Studies office at University of Alberta; I was inquiring about whether I would meet the requirements for their PhD program after completing my MBET. It turns out that I will not, because the program is a Masters' in Business and because it is only 12 months it does not meet the U of A entrance requirements for a PhD in Computing Science.

Now this is a huge deal to me (and I am trying to arrange to go in and meet with the chair of this department to learn more), but eventually completing my PhD is my goal, and I'm not sure I am prepared to complete another Masters' program in Science before doing that. I am really excited about the MBET program and think that it's an excellent way to broaden my knowledge rather than focus it on a smaller area; reading about others' experiences in the program has gotten me excited for all the opportunities and experience it has to offer.

I guess I'm just confused about whether to continue on the path to complete the MBET or look into other Masters' programs in science. MBET in only one year and it is feasible to complete another Master's after that, however, even now Student Loans are starting to drown me and will hardly cover this year, so I wonder what they would be like after 1 Bachelor's Degree, 2 Masters' and a PhD??? I have so many things pulling me in both directions, I know I want to go to school, but the cost is a real factor right now, and I have had a couple job opportunities recently (with much better pay then I currently get) that are tempting, although doing jobs similar to what I currently do and I am finding this position fairly mundane and not challenging. So do I work through another year (trying to save some cash) and apply for a different Masters' program which would qualify me for the PhD program, or do I continue on the original path of the MBET and see what kinds of new opportunities present themselves afterwards???